Kidepo Valley

Kidepo Valley is possibly the only national park left in the whole continent where you can have the park all to yourself. This park teems with wildlife and must have been like the safaris were in Kenya 35 years ago before the arrival of mass tourism! In fact, you are unlikely to meet more than a couple different cars on any given day of game driving.

The great savanna landscapes with the mountains rising up in the background make you feel like being on the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater at the same time. From your lodge, there’s a good chance of nocturnal visitors such as lions, zebras and jackals.

Kidepo is also home to almost all of the animal species present in the Uganda National Parks system, including lion, giraffe, elephant, buffalo, leopard, ostrich and cheetah. Kidepo is definitely the best kept secret in Uganda!

Kidepo Valley N.P. was rated 3rd best National Park in Afrika by CNN.

A game drive in this amazing valley can starts in the early morning with a search for lions , cheetahs and leopards that takes 2-3 hours viewing a variety of animals and flora, where after you enjoy your mid-morning at the open swimming pool with sighting of wildlife from the lodge or arrange for an for an evening fully parked Game drive.

The lodge offers nice viewing platform for wildlife and often at night you will hear the lions roar and the hyena cries.

While in Kidepo valley you can do game drive and the next day conduct morning nature walk accompanied by ranger escort or another game drive.and in the afternoon visit the nearby Karamojong village. The Karamojongs are cousins to the Masai in Kenya and they were mostly nomadic pastoralists however they have been recently introduced to farming, learn more about their culture and enjoy in their cultural dance.

This introduces you to a unique lifestyle of the karamonjogs are typically pastoralists, their crafts work, dressing styles, unique beads, huts for shelter and long horned cattle that is communally grazed

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