Lake Mburo National Park Game Drive

Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda lies in the one part of Uganda near mbarara district in western region that is covered with extensive acacia woodland and unlike any reserve in Uganda, L. Mburo National Park is home to remarkably different fauna. It is Uganda`s prime tour and safari destination for one to see the sculptured landscape with rolling grassy hills and beautiful lake shores that harbors, rich acacia tree valleys, seasonal and permanent swamps a combination of which supports a great attraction of different wildlife species.

A game drive in Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda  is therefore an enriching and fascinating experience that gives you an opportunity to view the five lakes within Mburo, the gigantic eland antelopes, zebras, topis, impala, and buffaloes. Its unique acacia and associated bird population that includes the rare Shoebill stork, secretive papyrus animal species such as the sitatunga red/black and yellow papyrus gonolek. Inspite of it being the smallest of Uganda’s Savannah national parks, Its mosaic habitat, dry hillside, rocky outcrops, bushes, thickets, open and wooded Savannah’s, forests. Mburo gives a lasting impression/adventure to all tourists that visit it.

It is about 3.5 hours drive from Kampala. The park is accessed from the Masaka-Mbarara road; turn left to Nshara gate (13 kms past Lyantonde) which brings you through Sanga gate. Both junctions have clearly marked signposts, it is about 13kms from Sanga trading center to Sanga gate and 8kms from the main road to Nshara gate.Its an ideal Uganda safari destination for short tours and excursions.
It is about 20 minutes drive from either gates to Rwonyo park headquarter

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