Why Visit Uganda

January 24, 2020
Tourism Info

It was in 1908 when Sir Winston Churchill visited Africa and one of the countries he visited was Uganda, He loved the unique and incredible natural beauty of Uganda that he had not seen in any other African countries he visited. He was impressed by the beautiful mountain sceneries, abundance of wonderful wildlife, the amazing weather, a rich and ancient culture, water bodies, and hospitable people. It was against this background that he named Uganda ‘THE PEARL OF AFRICA, no wonder Lonely planet also ranked it as number one travel destination in 2012.

Uganda, remains Authentic country with its several and diverse cultures, thriving and abundant wildlife, with over half of the world’s Mountain Gorillas, the best place to track Chimpanzees and other primates , with the third  highest snow capped Mountain Range in Africa, source  of the longest Nile river in Africa, Crater Lakes , the Western Rift Valley and the wildlife rich national parks.

On the side of security, Uganda is one of the most secure countries on the African continent all year round with highly hospitable citizens.

We therefore welcome you to the land with a variety and amazing tourist potentials to adventure.

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